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XOMBO continuously monitors your team's diet and exercise habits via the data they already collect.

XOMBO is compatible with the apps and devices your team already loves, like Fitbit, Google Fit, and Instagram.

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  1. Health Data

    XOMBO pulls in team data from wearable fitness devices and smart scales.

  2. Alerts

    XOMBO identifies the team members who need the most help.

  1. Leaderboard

    XOMBO shows your team's progress toward achieving their team activity goals.

  2. Team Goals

    XOMBO allows you to set goals for your team's activity.

  1. Sleep

    XOMBO monitors sleep to ensure your team is getting enough rest.

  2. Social Media

    XOMBO monitors social media for posts of food to track eating habits.

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Continuously monitor your

team's diet and exercise

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